• Becky 

          Five weeks ago i was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder.  Upon a visit to Dr. Crabree, i informed him about my                 issue.   after pressing on an area of my back and feeling the tension, he recommended i make an appointment                 with Katie.  I am glad that i did just that.  The 2 therapeutic massages from Katie Cooley were impactful.  She                 worked out all the knots between my shoulder blades and there were a lot of them.  I find Katie to be well                       informed about health issues, honest about treatment, and reasonable on her pricing, plus she has a peaceful ,                 calm and reassuring presence.  I well deffinatley be going back to her and highly recommend her to all my                       friends and family.  Thank you so much Katie for helping me toward healing!

  • Kimberly 

         With the foot massages and stretching, i felt wonderful for a week! Thank you Katie!

  • Malinda 

         Anytime i go to Katie for a massage i leave there feeling wonderful!!!  I would recommend any of you to go see her!!!

  • Lena 

          Katie you are a great massage therapist, i cant wait to see you soon!

  • Susan 

          I got a great massage from Katie this morning.  I will def. be recommending her to my family and friends!

  • Jay 

         FIVE STAR!

  • Kylie 

           FIVE STAR!

  • Ann 

          FIVE STAR!

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  • Carla 

         Katie did more for my stress knots and my whole body in one session than in the entire year i saw my other              therapist.  Katie is awesome and i would recommend her to anyone having pain!

Katie Cooley Massage Therapy

  • Warren 

          I've been going to Katie for about six weeks, shes been working the knots out of my neck and shoulders.  I am whole            HEARTEDLY endorsing her work on me.  It's nice to be able to just turn my head instead of my whole body when                driving or while in conversation.  I'm retired military and rated 80% disabled by the VA.  I recommend anyone                      suffering from shoulder or neck issues to give Katie a visit.  You'll be a happy camper!