Benefits  of         Massage Therapy

increases circulation

reduces anxiety/stress

reduces chronic pain

speeds illness recovery

relieves swelling

calms the nervous system

lowers blood pressure

eases Fibromyalgia and MS nerve pain

speeds injury recovery


Essential Oils to customize your perfect massage! People often don't realize massage is instinctive and intuitive.  It is a natural response to rub our aches and pains away.  Massage therapy originated over 3000 years ago and is still used today.  Many traditions come and go but the benefits of Massage Therapy is proven and undeniable.  People have come to me for help with TMJ Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Sports injury, headaches, Sciatica, Cerebral Palsy, Oncology, Auto Injuries, and many more health issues.

Don't live with a condition you don't think can be changed.  Its difficult when healthcare and insurance keep changing, believe me, I know.  God has provided many ways of healing and Massage is a great way to start.  Let me help you move forward out of pain today!

Katie Cooley Massage Therapy


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       Do you suffer from muscular discomfort, tension, aches, or a sports injury? My top priority is to share my passion of Touch Therapy and my goal is a healthier and happier you!  I use different modalities such as acupressure, Reflexology, Active Isolated Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, and many more including