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My journey towards Massage Therapy began when I was introduced to it after a traumatic horseback riding accident.   The doctors thought i had a spinal injury since i had fallen on a large rock. I had x rays done and other tests that showed no injury, however, I still could not walk well.  There was obvious nerve injury with serious muscular pain.  The only other option was natural healing.  I had never considered a massage before until this accident.  Since my first therapy experience, the benefits and healing I received were undeniable.  I went from having to be carried by my father to walking out of the clinic by myself (although painfully). It came a little bit later in life that I finally understood my purpose.  From there, I researched and dedicated a significant amount of time studying the effects of touch.  That's when I began my journey at Body Wellness Therapeutic Massage Academy.  I am now a professional Licensed Massage Therapist in Searcy, Ark practicing my dream of REHABILITATIVE AND THERAPEUTIC massage  for others.  

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